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by Mandy Richardson
November 11 – 17, 2010

It’s not every day that I let a stranger laser me, but Dave Hanemmayer (aka Lazer Dave), is a Mandyland exception.  Why? Because thanks to him and his lasers, my insomnia is no longer, my sleeps are now solid, and my back and shoulder pain has dissolved. So, FYI: Laser is not just for correcting vision. It aids in weight loss, pain and stress reduction and smoking cessation as well. And for those who are a bit heeby-geeby about needles, laser therapy is also a safe and non-invasive alternative to acupuncture, hitting all the same acupuncture points and therefore creating a super quick healing response in the body painlessly.

Laser therapy has been proven effective by over 2,500 scientific studies, and what’s really amazing is that there is no pain response during treatment and most people feel quite pleasant afterward; much like you would feel after having a glass of wine. Using Chinese medicine as the guide, laser therapy pinpoints acupuncture points painlessly and quickly reduces inflammation if there is any, making it a wonderful and natural solution to arthritic pain, among other things.

In addition, it helps reset your internal clock, bringing about the rest and digest state quickly (opposite to the low grade flight or fight response most live with); a nice break for people who are overworked, stressed and/or suffer from insomnia.

This practice is safe for almost everyone, even if you are pregnant, and even if you are on certain medications, because laser therapy is a natural form of healing that works with your body’s natural rhythms. Because laser therapy, like most other alternative therapies, aims to heal at the source instead of chasing the symptom, it is an anti-pharmaceutical tool, which means you get all the healing benefits without all the negative side effects that come along with most medications.

When I first approached Dave about doing an article on all that he offers, he suggested a complimentary treatment so that I could experience it all first-hand. I have to admit that I was skeptical about the laser part at first because I knew so little about it and the thought of it kinda scared me. But after doing my own research, I decided to give it a whirl and was so impressed with the results that it became the focus of this piece.

My first appointment with Lazer Dave found me completely exhausted and on edge as I had only slept 3 nights out of 7 the previous week. After my treatment, Dave sends me off with the warning that I might feel a bit drowsy when I get home. I go home, pass out, and 18 hours later, I wake up. Yes, 18 hours later. I basically caught up on a lifetime of inadequate sleep, and since then all of my sleeps have been solid and longer than my usual broken 4 or 5 hours per night. I went back for a second session for my back and shoulder pain, and not surprisingly, the treatment healed that as well. I feel like a new woman. Well-rested and physically comfortable after years of the opposite.

If you are considering giving laser therapy a try, I highly recommend it. Be sure that you are working with a qualified health professional because it is essential that your provider has a base level of training in anatomy and physiology. Understandably, you will be required to provide your health history during your assessment, and as for side effects, you can expect to feel tired after a session because, as mentioned above, the laser therapy regulates your internal system quickly, which is why your sleep will be better quality following your sessions.

You can learn more about laser therapy and all that it can offer by going to This is a great site and a concise and informative look into the world of laser therapy. If you would like to book an appointment with Lazer Dave for help with smoking cessation, weight loss, stress and pain relief, and more, you call one of two clinics he offers his services. Dave is located in Ottawa at 2 Physiocare Locations in Kanata and Nepean.


Relieving Pain by Low Intensitey Laser Therapy

by Dr. Gifford Jones
April 1st, 2007

What can you do if you’ve tried every conceivable way to relieve pain? You’ve been treated by anti-inflammatory drugs,  cortisone, pain killers, etc. yet the pain continues unabated. A technique, known as “Low Intensity Laser Therapy” (LILT) could be the answer.

Dr. Fred Kahn is Director of the Meditech Laser and Rehabilitation Centre in Toronto, and a specialist in pain control. He believes in curing the pain by curing the cause. And I’ve talked to several of his patients about how LILT had eased their pain and changed their lives.

PC, a 43 year old jogger, collided with a glass door on returning to her hotel. When the door shattered, a large fragment of glass penetrated her knee. It left her with osteoarthritis and a life on crutches. Doctors claimed knee replacement was her only hope to relieve pain. After 11 treatments with LILT over a five week period, PC threw away the crutches and returned to work.

GM, an 85 year old former World War II pilot, had four back operations. A surgical error caused nerve damage, another resulted in infection and 26 weeks in hospital. Cysts formed in his spine and he required a morphine pump to ease the pain. Now after a three month treatment with LILT he walks upright without a cane and is being taken off morphine. He says he’s 75 percent improved and can’t believe it’s happened.

A 17 year old equestrienne had the misfortune of a 1000 pound horse falling and rolling over her hip joint. This left her with a limp, an audible and visual click when she walked. Specialists told her they had little to offer but painkillers and drugs to treat her pain and subsequent depression.

When seen by DR. Kahn she had extensive soft tissue damage in the hip and thigh and so much injury to the joint capsule of the hip that it almost popped out with every step. After four treatments the pain had subsided and she stopped pain medication. She continued treatment three times a week until she returned to a normal gait.

LILT jump-starts the body’s natural healing process by putting energy into the muscles and joints that’s transformed into biochemical energy. This decreases swelling, accelerates healing time and increases the pain threshold.

Dr. Kahn says LILT also triggers release of endorphins, morphine-like substances that inhibit pain sensation. It also increases cortisol, the forerunner of cortisone and angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels along with a number of other physiological processes.

The majority of patients seen at Meditech suffer from degenerative arthritis involving the lumbo-sacral spine. 60 percent of these patients also have degenerative disc disease, bulging discs causing compression of spinal nerves or spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the diameter of the spinal column. In the process of evolution learning to stand upright has exacted a toll on the human spine. Maybe we should
have stayed in the trees!

Another large group of patients suffer from sports injuries. These younger patients respond quickly to LILT. At the clinic I also saw several patients suffering from The Shoulder-Neck-Arm Syndrome and The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome both related to long hours at the computer. Others with rheumatoid arthritis and diabetic ulcers of the feet.

Many patients have been told, “You have to live with your pain”. But this is not always the case. Rather, the use of low intensity laser therapy has proven to be a pain-buster alternative and improves over 90 percent of patients who have significant problems. And it does not involve the use of medication which today is a huge advantage.

I discovered Dr. Kahn, a dedicated physician, and I share the same wave-length. We deplore seeing patients drugged into oblivion by painkillers. And we both believe that surgery should be done only as a last resort.

Today doctors, even with the help of MRIs, often can’t be sure of what’s causing pain. In these instances, tincture of time along with a course of LILT may be the best solution.




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