What is laser therapy?

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a safe and effective way to help people quit smoking, vaping nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, drugs, stress, pain and more. The treatment is a non-invasive, safe and holistic method for promoting strong healing responses in the body. Low level laser light is applied to specific points on the ears, head, arms, legs and other tissues.


How does laser therapy work?

The purpose of laser therapy to help people quit addictions like smoking is to stimulate a strong release of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins – the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. This helps to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms in order to break the addiction cycle to nicotine. The end goal is to drastically make it easier for people to quit addictions for good.


How does laser therapy treatment feel?

Most people find that laser therapy is very relaxing with minimal side-effects. Some report that during treatment they feel a warm and pleasant “heavy” feeling in their arms and legs. Many find treatment so relaxing that they may even fall asleep. Lastly, a majority of people report after laser treatment: positive moods, an increased general sense of wellbeing, better quality sleep and more confidence that they will quit their addiction.


Where is the laser applied?

Laser is applied to specific energy points (also called acupuncture points) on the head, face, ears, arms, hands, legs and feet. In addition if you are seeking treatment for pain, injury and healing — laser is applied to affected tissues as well.


Is laser therapy safe?

Yes. Low level laser therapy has been utilized for many years with little to no side-effects as reported by many rigorous scientific studies and clinical application. The main precaution is that clients must wear specialized glasses to protect against laser entering the eyes. Protective glasses are provided for you by the laser therapist for every treatment. Any other concerns are addressed if need be after you fill out the required health history form BEFORE your first appointment.


Is treatment guaranteed?

Because of physiological and psychological variables involved with addiction, results cannot be guaranteed. However, based on Lazer Dave’s many years of clinical experience and high success rates — he helps the vast majority of people with laser by dramatically reducing the intensity of withdrawal symptoms related to various addictive substances including nicotine. Results are maximized when laser treatment is combined with the suggestions and information provided in “Lazer Dave’s Prep Guide For Laser Therapy” (included with program fee).


Can I try one treatment?

All laser therapy programs include two treatments. It is most effective when the programs are followed as they are designed.


What if I want or need treatment for more than one concern?

If you are seeking laser treatment for more than one concern (stress, multiple addictions, etc.), the order in which the concerns are addressed isn’t something that is decided right away. When a client has more than one concern, it is best to complete the first treatment and then see which substance or habit feels easiest to quit first. Thereafter, the treatment program is tailored to align with your individual response and goals. It should be no surprise that you may need an extra booster treatment or 2 beyond the program you sign up for in order to quit multiple addictions/concerns.


How long is the duration of treatment(s)?

Initial appointments are usually about 45 minutes. Subsequent treatment times are typically 30 minutes.


How do I prepare for my first laser quit treatment?

Preparing for your first laser quit appointment is just as critical as receiving laser treatment itself.

Lazer Dave has authored a short 13 page self help manual called “Lazer Dave’s Prep Guide For Laser Therapy”. This guide contains valuable information and suggestions on how best to prepare and maximize the chance of you successfully quitting for good. It really is a critical factor in his highly successful laser quit programs.

Dave strongly recommends you read over his book in it’s entirety and institute as many of the suggestions contained therein. This ebook is in PDF format and will be emailed to you after you have signed up for a laser quit program and paid the $50 deposit/prep guide fee.

Please note Lazer Dave/1530910 Ontario Limited is not a doctor, treat disease or diagnose medical conditions. Always consult with a doctor regarding your health concerns, medication, supplements and similar.


Do you offer discounts?

Lazer Dave competes mostly by service and expertise as Ottawa’s Laser Therapy Expert.

He is proud to offer his unique combination of training in massage therapy, medical acupuncture, the latest laser therapy research, and years of clinical success to the residents of the greater Ottawa area.

With this being said, Dave does offer 10% OFF for groups of 2 or more.


How long do results last after treatment?

Every patient has their own unique reaction to laser therapy for withdrawal from smoking, nicotine, alcohol, marijuana, sugar, etc. The majority of clients experience substantial relief from withdrawal symptoms during the first few critical days after the first treatment.



What about medical conditions?

Generally, laser therapy is very safe for the majority of health conditions and medications. Exceptions to treatment may include pregnancy, cancer, epilepsy and recent seizure activity. Lazer Dave is not a doctor, does not diagnose illness, prescribe medication or treat medical conditions. Laser therapy is an adjunct therapy and does not replace the advice of a doctor. Always consult with a doctor regarding health concerns and any changes in medications.


Who performs laser treatment?

Treatment is performed by 1530910 Ontario Limited which is owned by Lazer Dave, Certified Laser Therapist. Dave has a background in massage therapy, anatomy, physiology, medical acupuncture through McMaster University, extensive laser therapy training and 15+ years of clinical experience using laser to treat a myriad of conditions including addictions like quitting smoking, pain, injury, stress and more. Laser “technicians” at other companies in Ottawa are no match for Dave’s experience, equipment and high success rates.


How much does the Ottawa Laser Therapy Program To Quit Smoking cost?

The total cost of the program is $300+ taxes. This includes “Lazer Dave’s Prep Guide For Laser Therapy”, coaching and 2 treatments. Even if you are doing very well after just the first treatment — Dave encourages client’s to come in for their second treatment to increase the chances of quitting for the long term. Other clinics generally don’t encourage you to come back and they charge an extra $100 for appetite suppression point treatment which Dave INCLUDES with his program.


How much does Dave’s other laser therapy quit therapy programs cost?

The rest of Dave’s Laser Therapy Quit Programs for alcohol, marijuana, drugs, stress and anti-aging wellness cost $350+taxes. Each program includes 2 treatments, just like his Ottawa Laser Therapy Quit Smoking Program.


How much do booster treatments cost?

If required, additional treatments beyond the 2 included with each program cost $85+taxes.


I’m concerned about weight gain after I quit smoking — what can you do?

Unlike the competition which typically charges an extra $100, Lazer Dave INCLUDES appetite suppression and weight-loss point stimulation with his treatment program for smoking cessation. The theory behind treating these points is to keep your appetite in check and to boost your metabolism after quitting smoking.


How soon can I make an appointment?

Usually within a week. It is best to have at least a couple days to a week to prepare yourself ahead of your first treatment (i.e. your “quit date”). This will afford time for you to receive, review and institute some of the information, suggestions and habit changes presented in “Lazer Dave’s Prep Guide For Laser Therapy”.  Please call our KANATA Physiocare location in OTTAWA at 613-254-5639 to schedule your first appointment.


Do I really need to read “Lazer Dave’s Prep Guide”?

Yes. Preparation (as per “Lazer Dave’s Prep Guide”) and the commitment to change you bring to your first treatment is EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT as receiving laser treatment.

Dave will assume you have read at MINIMUM the first 2 pages of his guide and instituted as many of his suggestions as possible BEFORE your first treatment.

Choosing not to read the prep guide ahead of time and thereby not preparing yourself mentally/emotionally ahead of your first appointment means you should not be surprised that it may take extra booster treatment(s) beyond the 2 treatments included each laser quit program to promote the results you are seeking.

While the results of laser therapy for the purposes of addictions like quitting smoking, pain and healing are often very positive — laser therapy is not magical.


When is the best time to book an appointment?

Typically when you are thinking about quitting.

Dave generally recommends to schedule your first appointment during a time when your stress levels are not likely to be abnormally high but with the way the world is keep in mind there may never be a “perfect” time. It is very easy to come up with an excuse to put off quitting smoking, alcohol, marijuana, drugs, sugar, stress or similar — don’t fall into this trap.

What is most important is your motivation/intent to quit and Dave’s availability so let that ultimately be your guide on when choosing your first appointment time.


Where are you located?

Dave works from the Kanata Physiocare location in Ottawa at 5035 Innovation Drive. Follow this link for more information: SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT.


What if I am a very heavy smoker? Will the treatment still help me?

The Ottawa Laser Therapy To Quit Smoking program is effective whether you smoke a little or a lot. Moreover, it does not matter whether you smoke cigarettes, vape, chew tobacco, use nicotine gum, smoke a pipe, consume cigars, etc. laser treatment is very effective.


Can I transfer “unused” treatments to someone else?

No. Treatments are only usable by the original purchaser of the Program.





  1. Call Kanata Physiocare. 613-254-5639.
  2. Client Profile. Reception will collect basic information to set up a client profile.
  3. First Appointment. All the Ottawa Laser Solution Program’s include 2 treatments. Reception will schedule your first appointment. Dave will recommend when to book your second appointment at the end of your first treatment (usually within 2 weeks).
  4. Deposit. Reception will request a $50 non-refundable deposit/prep guide ebook fee. This can be completed by etransfer to kanata@physiocarephysiotherapy.com or credit card. The deposit policy is non-negotiable and guarantees your appointment time.
  5. Prep Guide. Upon booking your first appointment AND completing the deposit — reception will then email you Lazer Dave’s Prep Guide For Laser Therapy (PDF format). This guide is considered an integral part of Lazer Dave’s Laser Quit Programs. Dave will assume you have read at minimum the first 2 PAGES of his guide before you arrive for your first treatment.


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