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My RJ Laser Story…


My first RJ Laser Investment was the Physiolaser Workstation and Lightneedle Multi Probe.

I invested in my first RJ Laser Device in the summer of 2010. It was a big decision, but after having completed over a year of research on the different laser systems in the market place – I was confident I was making the right choice.

During my research in 2009, I found it was a very challenging process evaluating all the different laser systems out there. I went to many different seminars on laser therapy, attended courses and spent 100s of hours researching lasers on the internet in an effort to educate myself on these complex devices.

While researching, I kept asking myself  “Since Europe is the the birth place of laser therapy, why is there not more representation from those laser manufacturers here in North America?”

Perhaps it was my European ancestry that pushed me (my father was from the Netherlands), I decided to contact a couple of the different laser therapy manufacturers directly overseas in late 2009 to inquire about their lasers. This is when I became aware of the quality lasers produced by RJ Laser in Germany.

From the beginning, things just “clicked” for me with RJ Laser. I was still a novice back in 2009 when it came to laser therapy…..and I had A LOT of questions. Fortunately, RJ representatives were extremely patient and handled all my questions and concerns. It is worth mentioning they never employed high pressure sales tactics – just friendly and informative advice from one of the most experienced and knowledgeable laser therapy manufacturers in the world.

I have found that as my experience and confidence has grown using RJ Lasers, so too have my results with clients. This is in large part due to my choice to go exclusively with RJ Laser for my laser therapy device needs.

Some of the main selling features that attracted me to RJ Laser are: quality German engineering, sophisticated features/adjustability for frequencies and the multiple laser tool options that are available.

It is worth mentioning, that the adjustability for simple or advanced treatment approaches using RJ Lasers is second to none. This is an important feature for any therapist that is a beginner with laser or a seasoned expert.


What RJ Lasers Does Lazer Dave Use?


The RJ Physiolaser Workstation is the device that laser devices plug into (i.e. Multi Cluster Probe, LightNeedle, laser pen, etc.) except for stand alone units.

It is the “brains” and software behind the lasers and allows for customization of such things as duration of treatment, energy delivered (joules) and frequencies.

It features easy and simple adjustability for beginner and more advanced treatment approaches.



This RJ probe is one of the most powerful laser probes available in the market place. 300,000 mW of super pulsed infrared laser energy is emitted from this laser that penetrates upwards to 6″ in tissue.

Great for deep tissue pain/healing for such things as disc degeneration in the lower back and arthritis in the hip joints.

The 5 spring loaded laser heads on the RJ Multi Cluster Probe works well for uneven surfaces like the knee.



The LightNeedle system plugs into one of the two laser ports on the Physiolaser Workstation.

It is my favourite go to RJ laser device for stimulating multiple body acupuncture points at once with absolutely no discomfort. This is acupuncture with out the “puncture”.

The 12 fibre optic cables that extend from the LightNeedle are surprisingly robust and re-usable.


Each individual light needle allows for 50mW of red laser light stimulation with the feature to customize specific frequencies.



I often use my RJ LightNeedle system in combination with a RJ Multi Cluster Probe (remember you can have 2 lasers working via the Physiolaser Workstation). This allows for multiple treatment areas at the same time.

In addition I will often also use my RJ Laser Pen Expert (stand alone unit) at the same time to stimulate acupuncture points of the body or auricular ear points.

Using multiple lasers simultaneously is very synergistic, efficient time wise and not surprisingly promotes stronger healing and pain reducing results.

Here I am using the RJ LightNeedle system to treat upper back pain, the RJ Multi Cluster Probe for low back discomfort, and the RJ Laser Pen Expert to stimulate acupuncture point LI4 for general pain reduction.



This Laser Pen is a stand alone unit and does not plug into the RJ Physiolaser Workstation. Instead it charges in it’s own station and is totally independent.

It is a versatile (no power cord) and travel friendly laser device  allowing for custom frequency adjustment and infrared laser output up to 500mW.

The RJ Laser Pen Expert is great for acupuncture/auricular therapy, trigger points and small areas like finger joints to treat arthritis.


Here I am using my RJ Laser Pen to treat a young child recovering from a wound/scar tissue prevention on the head.


Here I am treating a client for smoking cessation using my RJ Laser Pen Expert for auricular therapy and my LightNeedle system for body acupuncture points.


RJ Lasers In Action







Considering Investing Into Laser Therapy?

If you are seriously considering investing into laser technology for your health practice, I recommend you take a look at the line-up offered by RJ Laser. They have all the laser therapy tools under one brand to fit your needs.

Some therapists are intimidated by the cost of laser therapy equipment and become apprehensive once they receive a quote. This is normal, quality laser equipment is not inexpensive.

I myself was very concerned about the initial cost of investing into my RJ Lasers. However I found with the increased revenue associated with specializing in this technology, I was able to pay off my initial investment in under 6 months! Laser technology allows me to work smarter, not harder in my practice. Plus the intrinsic reward of helping people with pain and addiction related concerns is second to none using laser.

RJ Laser has been making lasers for over 30 years. They are true leaders in the field of laser therapy.

If you are looking for more technical information and/or a sales quote, please go to RJ-Laser.com. Lazer Dave is NOT a sales agent or distributor for RJ Lasers.







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